About KI Commercial


Our team of property experts focus on commercial property investment, NBS architectural design and consultancy in Christchurch, Kaikoura and the Canterbury region.

Our investors and clients come to us for our expertise, successful investments and our commitment to offering the best service levels.  


KI Commercial management is a team of property experts with a broad understanding of, and detail-focused dexterity within, aspects of commercial property investment, NBS architectural design and consultancy servicing.

Our management has created a refined and practical property service focusing on valuable New Zealand’s real estate markets: up and coming media-darling hubs such as Addington as well as Kaikoura and the broader region around Christchurch / Canterbury. Our team of experts possess an exceptional combination of ingenuity, competence and abilities which together have formed a successful business. Our commercial property management regards an investment property as like any other investment wherein the goal is to generate ongoing profit alongside amazing opportunities.

Our management’s commitment is to deliver the highest standards through excellent service and successful investments, and in doing so, we develop long and meaningful relationships with new and old investors and clients.

Litigation Consultancy

KI Commercial have a dedicated legal team whom focus on investing into litigation, property related legal and accounting processes. A win fee is established for Ki Commercial funded cases. 

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Our Values

At KI Commercial, our highest value is to create long term relationships with our clients. As a result, our reputation is built upon the excellent service we provide.

We maintain a focus on creating successful investment opportunities and maximising returns while ensuring that we always act with integrity.